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As of September 2021, Americans pay over $3.4 trillion per year in health insurance and over 82 million Americans have no health insurance or are overpaying for health insurance.

A new program is assisting Americans with their health insurance woes. A free 24-hour network of providers is now available, promoted mainly by Christian-led organizations to help Americans gain access to affordable and quality health insurance. The only official page we could find for this program is right here.

It took me about 2 minutes to fill out the questionnaire and I was instantly matched with a health insurance plan that fit my needs and was easily within my budget. Americans with no health insurance or insufficient coverage need to take advantage of this program and get priority assistance.

The downfall? We aren’t sure how long this program will stay open. Many of our readers have shared the website link with their Facebook friends and have even shared the page directly to friends and family that they know struggle with lack of affordable health care. Since programs like this aren’t advertised abundantly, it’s hard for struggling Americans to find this solution to ending their health insurance struggles.

“We wanted to provide an easy way for Americans to compare and match programs and make it easy to find good affordable health insurance. We make the process as easy as possible to help people live a better life without health insurance worry.”

Since there is no definitive end date, we can only recommend readers that are struggling with no health insurance or paying more than they can afford, to tap the here immediately to see how they can benefit from the program.

You can get a free quote here to see what you can qualify for. There are no risks to participate, it is completely private and confidential, and it only takes a few minutes to get setup.

How Does it Work?

According to this new program, there are many options that can offer expanded coverage and greatly lower your health costs.

Debbie, a Health Insurance subscriber, sent in her comments on the program and was glad to find out she could afford her new health insurance payments through the program.

I participated as fast as I could because I didn’t want to make excuses anymore. I wanted to finally become feel 100% safe and covered without stretching my budget. I visited the official page during my lunch break and was able to get help in minutes. I’m so happy that a service like this exists. I was in tears that evening because I finally feel like I’m not alone and no longer a slave to these healthcare companies.”

Tap Here To Explore Benefits

What You Can Do About It

The time to act is now. The rules of the program may change any time without notice. If you or a loved one is struggling with living without affordable health insurance, it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

Over 82 Million Americans are currently struggling with health insurance.

Please share this article & post your experiences with the new affordable health insurance program in the comments section for our editors to highlight.

We will remove this article once the program is no longer available. If you are viewing this article, tap the red button below immediately.


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